Nicolas Fiszman: A Prolific Studio Musician

Born in Belgium, Nicolas Fiszman took his first steps into the world of music at the age of 17, sharing the stage with jazz guitar virtuoso Philippe Catherine. This remarkable first collaboration was the springboard for a career that would see him collaborate with a myriad of renowned artists including Charles Aznavour, Vanessa Paradis, Francis Cabrel, Eric Serra and Sting.

Fiszman is known not only for his dexterity as a guitarist, but also for his mastery of the bass, which has helped shape the sound of many successful albums. His versatility, commitment and creativity make him a sought-after studio musician. 

A rich and varied career

Over the course of his career, Nicolas Fiszman has worked in many musical genres, from pop and rock to jazz and film music. His collaborations with artists from different disciplines have taken him all over the world, enriching his musicality and expanding his repertoire.

His talent came to the fore in his duet with Philippe Catherine in Berlin in 1982, a captivating performance which is now available on The Lost Recordings. Their rich and complex musical interplay shows the extent of their imagination and technical mastery.

A Lasting Influence

Despite his low profile, Nicolas Fiszman has had a profound and lasting influence on contemporary music. His dedication to his art and his ability to blend into different musical contexts make him a role model for budding musicians. His work, like his tireless spirit of exploration, continues to inspire generations of musicians.

The Lost Recordings is proud to have received an award for the album by Nicolas Fiszman and Philippe Catherine, a celebration of their incomparable talent and invaluable contribution to music.

“Philip Catherine doesn’t play music. He is the music!” Le Monde