Arrival at London St-Pancras Station

After an hour and a half in a taxi, we are finally in front of the BBC archives!

Vinyl Paradise!

One of the first magnetic tape recorders. Stille-Marconi, 1933!

A Philips Miller tape recorder from 1937!

The corridors of the sheet music department...

A... 50cm vinyl used as an archive at the beginning of the 20th century with the turntable to read it!

We don't really realize the dimensions but this vinyl is gigantic!

A visit to the BBC's vinyl shelves...

Each shelf contains thousands of disks

Same for the bands!

This is what we came for: the film of the Schumann Concerto by André Navarra with Barbirolli in 1962

We connect and calibrate the machine that will play the videotape

Michel Navarra, André's son, is about to listen to this marvel

Everything is “going” wonderfully...

Frédéric D'Oria-Nicolas seems satisfied